What to Expect

We know visiting a new place can seem overwhelming.  We try to make it as easy as possible with a few people and practices.


Casual Dress

Our pastor doesn't wear a suit.  You shouldn't feel like you have to either.  Most of us dress casual (jeans).  Come as you are.  You will fit right in. 


We have greeters that stand by the main entrance during Sunday school and before the morning service to provide some initial friendliness and help you find your way.  Not to brag, but the biggest compliment our church gets from visitors is how friendly we are. We have a very warm and inviting atmosphere.


Usually we invite guests to fill out some basic information, so we can help you connect.  Of course, you don't have to give us your information.  Some people attend a few times first.  That's perfectly fine.  We want you to feel at home either way.  By the way, we don't call or stop by your house. 

Worship Service

Morning worship begins at 10:45 am.  If you get there a few minutes early, our greeters can make sure you have met some people and feel at home. If you come late, it's no problem.  We will help you find a seat and be comfortable.  Service usually starts with announcements and we go right into worship. Typically we sing 4 to 5 songs. We do a mix of both traditional and contemporary music to keep a good blend. We are pretty diversified with our music. After worship we have a time of prayer and our pastor updates us on people who have requested prayer. Then Pastor preaches. We get out around noon (sometimes slightly later).  He tends to preach sermons in a series with a connecting theme, but he sometimes does one-time sermons.  I think you will find that he preaches the Bible in a way that you can easily apply it to your life. He is very relational and relevant. He usually includes sermon notes in a bulletin that's given to people as they come in. The bulletin has the order of service along with pertinent info and announcements.


Just as important as the service is the relationships we build together as a church.  A lot of people hang out and talk when the service is done.  You are welcome to stay and meet some new people.  We are always happy to talk.  We may even invite you to join us for lunch at one of the restaurants in Elyria or nearby Amherst.