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George Gribben III, Pastor

From: Being a pastor’s kid, I moved around a lot. The place I would consider home growing up was Marietta Oh.

Spouse: Linda

Children: Tiffany and Tanna

Been a Pastor since 1975 and have been at ECCN since 2002.

Hobbies: hunting, fishing, being in nature, and traveling

Dislikes: Complacency

Fun Fact/Unique Talent: I survived 4 sisters, a mom, a wife, and 2 daughters

Favorite Song: And Can it Be

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled: Africa

Bucket List Travel: Alaska

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Beth Harrison, Office Secretary

From: Avon Lake

Spouse: Larry

Children: Noah

Been a secretary at ECCN since 2002

Hobbies: reading, gardening, decorating, boating, and riding on the motorcycle with the hubby

Dislikes: Slow drivers in the fast lane

Favorite Bible Verse: Proverbs 22:6

Favorite Song: I have 2! It is Well and Days of Elijah

Favorite Travel Place: Englewood, Fl

Bucket List Travel: Italy

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Karen Peters, Janitorial Staff

From: Maryland

Spouse: Darryl

Children: Matthew, Emily, Luke

Pets: Dog named Shasta, Guinea Pig named Cinnamon, Cat named George, and a lot of fish

Been a janitor at ECCN since 2011.

Hobbies: Taking her kids to sports and bike riding

Dislikes: Peas

Unique Talent/Fun Fact: I have a set of twins. All 3 of my children can sing really well and I cannot!

Favorite Song: Old Rugged Cross

Favorite Bible Verse: Isaiah 40:31

Favorite Travel Place: Myrtle Beach, SC

Bucket List Travel: Hawaii

BATHURST-CATHY - Janitorial Staff Pics.jpg

Cathy Bathurst, Janitorial Staff

From: Born and raised in Elyria

Spouse: Rick

Children: Holli and Kyle

Pets: Dog named Max and a cat named Agatha

Been a janitor at ECCN since 2011

Hobbies: Country & Primitive crafts, crocheting, and painting

Dislikes: spicy food

Fun Fact: Attended ECCN my ENTIRE life

Favorite Song: In Christ Alone

Favorite Travel Place: Good ole West Virginia

Bucket List Travel: To go back to Colorado. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Sue Sloan, Bookkeeper

From: Elyria

Children: Alisha

Been a bookkeeper at ECCN since 2013

Hobbies: playing piano and crocheting

Dislikes: cheese

Fun Fact: I am the church pianist.

Favorite Song: Great is Thy Faithfulness

Favorite Bible Verse: Hebrews 13:5

Favorite Travel Place: North Carolina

Bucket List Travel: Germany and to go back to Colorado

ELKINS-JOSEPH-Janitorial Staff Pic.jpg

Joseph Elkins, Janitorial Staff

Pets: Has 2 dogs - a black Shar Pei named Zoe and the other is a wiener dog named Ci Ci.

Been a janitor at ECCN since 2013.

Hobbies: Drumming, listening to Christian metal, and movies

Dislikes: Math class

Fun Fact: Joe is the drummer on our Praise Team. He also works 2 other jobs and goes to school. He is studying Film to hopefully one day produce/direct a movie.

Favorite Song: I have 2... Beautiful One and Build Your Kingdom

Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16

Favorite Place to Travel: Nashville, TN

Bucket List Travel: Africa